As you must feed

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Adequate distribution of meals

Ms. Marcela Licata –
Proper nutrition is an important issue for health, and for proper nutrition is necessary to respect the way that the body needs that are managed elements.

There is evidence that the man does not eat well eating in solitude, unaccompanied by their peers. Need all behavior that brings a group dynamic, with breaks included, naturally produced by the conversation. All this makes chewing more slowly, contributing to better digestion and assimilation.


From the results obtained by multiple studies as regards amounts and forms of administration of food, you get a more desirable distribution is as follows:

Breakfast 20-25% of daily calories
Lunch 35-40% of daily calories
Snack 10-20% of daily calories
Dinner 15-25% of daily calories

Ideally these food meals, deberín be composed as follows:

Carbohydrate 50% to 60% of total food consumed
Protein from 15% to 20% of total food consumed
Fats between 15% and 30% of total food consumed
To comply with this distribution between schedules and amounts of nutrients, serves the food pyramid guide, tips for proper nutrition and daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.



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