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How do we cause obesity? Watching the daily habits will get the answer

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Gradually changing habits is the best alternative for maintaining weight loss or healthy.
These habits and customs of everyday life are crucial to the origin of overweight or obesity we face.
The kilos we accumulate over the years, are generated by bad living habits that inadvertently increase the chances of developing many diseases related to overweight.

Bad habits
Identifies some bad habits to be avoided or changed, and maintain a healthy weight and good health in general;

Start the day without breakfast
Big mistake for many people, and that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.
The first intake is what gives us the energy to tackle our activities, after an overnight fast.
It is known that more than those who skip breakfast have hunger in the morning, thus falling into unnecessary pecks and then eat at noon overeating and plentiful.
Several studies have shown that most obese or overweight people skip breakfast.
Therefore it is best to properly incorporating breakfast, dairy, cereal and some fruit.
The snack between meals
This is a bad habit, it always generates weight gain, and with it, can be the source of some disturbances in eating behavior, such as bulimia, binge anxiety, etc. ..
Generally usually fatty foods chosen and dense. Rarely choose a vegetable or fruit (would be ideal).
So it is always advisable to make snacks, both mid-morning and afternoon, eating some fruit or yogurt, accompanied by some tea without sugar.
The problem of snacking, is not controlling the total food eaten in the day, consuming extra calories with subsequent weight gain.
Skipping meals
Bad habit, usually related to the named above.
By skipping some meals, falls in the pecking, or eat in abundance in the next main meal.
Therefore, if the aim of reducing body weight and maintain good health, always advise: do the five daily comimdas, thus avoiding long periods without eating and anxiety generated fasts.
Drinking alcohol
Many times we take any alcoholic beverage to quench thirst, without realizing the amount of calories they provide us.
Your calories are dependent on alcohol (grams of alcohol per 100 cc). One gram of alcohol provides 7 calories. Therefore, a drink can have as much energy as any solid food.
While it is advisable to have a glass of red wine a day for being antioxidant and beneficial for cardiovascular health, the best advice is to be moderate, avoiding excesses.

Drink (100 ml) Calories
Whisky a measure 238
Brandy or cognac one size 215
Geneva, Gin or Vodka measure 210
Half cup sweet white wine 160
Demi Champagne 85
White wine demi 65-80
Red Wine Demi 80
Regular Lager – Demi 47
Demi nonalcoholic beer 25-30
Demi Sidra 37
Include daily fatty foods and sugars
These foods are mostly calorie, high energy density, in other words, are those that provide high energy low volume.
For example, cheeses, meats, pastries, ice cream, pastries, fried, mayonnaise, nuts (in quantity).
These foods should be consumed occasionally, but not daily.
It is important to replace them with fruits or vegetables, and thus change habits. Although it is difficult at first, it is necessary not to turn our calorie and high fat feeding.
Buy energy-dense foods and keep eating inducing (anxiety)
This is the case of snacks, chips, peanuts, fried and salted nuts, seeds, chocolates, candies, cookies, etc..
These foods are dangerous because they increase appetite when you start to eat them, and too many calories in low volume or quantity.
It’s best to avoid purchasing and thus to not have them in sight, avoid the temptation.
Buy and store food or unnecessary products
The best advice at this point is to buy only what they need, avoiding food fads and extras.
If excess food store probably eat too much, and will be hard to escape the temptations.
This same point can also insist on not overcooking. This will avoid leftovers and snacks later.
Eating foods diet, light, or too healthy
Most people believe that if a product has these features, you can eat lots without fattening.
But this is a false belief, as some of them do have half the calories, but many others have changed or replaced some of its nutrients, but the calorie count is equal or superior.
So should consume them in moderation, but knowing his qualities, energy or calories and nutrients, which is accomplished by reading the labels of chemical composition or nutritional package.
Having a sedentary lifestyle
Spending many hours sitting, watching TV, computer or video games, do we spend very few calories. Conversely, what you should do, is to reinforce physical activity, ie practice some exercise moderately and regularly.
Statistics show that people who watch more than two hours of television daily recorded higher rates of obesity.

The most appropriate way to not cause overweight or obese, is to follow a diet or balanced diet, varied and healthy. We can afford any extra, or grant any fad very occasionally so as not to become obsessed with the scale or weight.
Gradually changing habits is the best alternative for maintaining weight loss or healthy.


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