Trenbolone is one of the most used substances intended to increase muscle mass while you try to get maximum muscle definition.
It is common to find articles on the net promoting the benefits of this compound and even many websites recommend its use by bodybuilders and weightlifting enthusiasts.
Trenbolone was initially designed to increase muscle mass in cattle destined for human consumption, but its use is banned in many countries.

What is trenbolone?
Trenbolone or trenbolone is a substance belonging to the group of xenobiotics not stilbenes is a synthetic anabolic steroid nortestosterone derivative.
The first compound of this type was trenbolone acetate, synthesized in France in 1967, where he was originally called trienobolona. In the 80’s became commercially under different names, the most popular and Finaplix Flinpix.
Trenbolone applies to livestock subcutaneous implant is indicated for growth promotion and termination of fattening cattle. Not for use in breeding, lactating animals whose milk is intended for human consumption, diseased animals or for export to the European Economic Community. Even in those countries where its use is still allowed, animals should not be sent to slaughter until after 60 days of the final implant performed to ensure the absence of trenbolone in meat.

Trenbolone, a veterinary human use
Thanks to its qualities as a powerful anabolic effect with high androgen, trenbolone acetate was adopted as a substance to promote the growth of muscle mass in humans, especially for professional bodybuilders and now seems to be widely used even by millions of fans of the weights.
The books are specialized in chemistry bodybuilder says trenbolone is one of the best substances to be included in a steroid cycle, regardless if what you want is to gain muscle mass or definition.
When looking for the definition of trenbolone find dozens of sites in the following explanation:

“If anyone is wondering what is the best steroid injection today for efficacy, potency and results this would definitely trenbolone. Milligram for milligram, trenbolone is more potent than testosterone for building mass and strength, with the advantage that not aromatize (convert to estrogen not) and edematous fluid retention … The result is a physical hard and rocky, and Herculean strength a legendary recoveries between sessions. ”

A very poetic paragraph to describe a product that really has some excellent effects as anabolic as explained books like William Llewellyn Anabolics series.

Benefits of trenbolone
High anabolic qualities, quick gains of lean mass, maximum weight retention post cycle (better than any other steroid), minimal edema fluid retention, increased erythropoiesis (increased blood count), not flavored, high hardness and extreme vascularity, excellent anti catabolic dramatic reduction in fat (steroid is best for this purpose, particularly the acetate), increased metabolic rate, endocrine axis moderate inhibition (by not aromatize, no excess estrogen to inhibit the axis), significant increase muscle glycogen, dramatic increase in muscle creatine (along with oxandrolone, triggers force 3), improves cell affinity to insulin, even in environments hypocaloric effective.

Disadvantages of trenbolone
• It is highly toxic to both the liver and the kidneys.
• Prolonged use may produce prostatic hyperplasia.
• At high doses hallucinations can occur.
• Reported in forums that talk about it, without scientific basis, that at any dose results in a significant increase in aggression.
• Another common symptom reported by consumers of trenbolone is choking sensation and cough for a few seconds immediately after administration of the product, especially those produced using traditional or high benzyl alcohol. In forums in English call “Train cough”.
• Hyperprolactinemia or increased prolactin normal values ​​with their associated consequences, most notably in gynecomastia.
• High blood pressure is perceived as severe headaches.
• Other side effects of androgens themselves acne, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, alopecia, etc.

Using trenbolone steroid cycles
Trembo trenbolone or, as some users affectionately called, can be used in both steroid cycles during periods of volume and definition. In terms of volume, and enanthate parabolan are better than the acetate, and mixed with a “slow testosterone” (cypionate or enanthate) and an oral like dianabol Oxitosona or the best there is to gain mass and strength.
For intermediate or advanced bodybuilders, an eight-week cycle consisting of 50 mg of Oxitosona / day, 400-600 mg of trenbolone enanthate and 750 mg of cypionate can gain 15 kilos of dough as genetics, nutrition and training.
In periods of muscle definition, trenbolone acetate is more powerful given the high peaks causing androgenic, and mixed with oral or Oxandrolone winstrol and equipoise masteron or as injectables, totally changes a person’s physique.
If used with growth hormone and T4, the result is science fiction. The fat disappears, the force continues to rise and the veins appear everywhere.
Ideally, a diet high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates and fats. When using this steroid, take silymarin, omega-3 fatty acids and water for the cycle, not overly elevate liver transaminases and to help the kidneys to be fit.

Trenbolone esters
All oil-dissolved injectable steroids are attached to carbon chains called esters. In general, the longer the length of the esterification carbon accompanying a hormone, the higher the half-life of this compound and the higher the residence time thereof in the organism For trenbolone, there are 3 esters different
• Trenbolone Acetate, short acting (2 carbons in the chain, two days of action)
• Trenbolone enanthate, long-acting (7 carbons in the structure, a week of action)
• trenbolone Hexahidrobencilcarbonato (famous Parabolan) which is the longest action trenbo as much as two weeks.

Trade names of trenbolone
Parabolan, Finajet, Finaplix, Finjet, GP Tren, Tren50, Trenabol, Tri Trenabol, Trenbol, among others are the names given to the trenbolone by different laboratories. This steroid is currently produced in some countries for the exclusive use and control in animals, other presentations are developed for human use by clandestine or underground.
Some companies sell kits to anyone with at least some care instructions and trenbolone acetate can be obtained from veterinarians Finaplix cartridges or similar.
The Fina-kits contain all the elements necessary to process Finaplix cartridges and get home as trenbolone acetate, its sale is legal for a package consisting of syringes, filters, bottles, caps and some solvents.

As used trenbolone
Most often their administration through intramuscular injections using any of these preparations are available in the market, depending on the application trenbolone ester can be from ampoules a day until a blister every two weeks.
Some people disarm Finaplix cartridges to remove the balls containing the active ingredient and the use of the most diverse ways without any real data on its effectiveness.
Thus the Finaplix the balls are crushed and then mixed with cream and be used topically on the skin, also dissolved in the aqueous or oily base preparations for nasal and sublingual application, in extreme cases the powder obtained is dissolved directly in some oil and then applied as intramuscular injection.
All these home methods are highly dangerous and harmful to the health of those who practice them. The most common complications when using trenbolone in these ways, including itching, irritation, allergic reactions and even death by anaphylactic shock.

Trenbolone Parabolan most famous
(Trenbolone Base + HexaHydroBencyl Carbonate Ester)
Formula: C20 H24 O3
Molecular Weight (base): 270.3706
Molecular Weight (ester): 130.1864
Formula (base): C18 H22 O2
Melting Point (base): 183-186C
Manufacturer: originally: Negma Laboratories, now several clandestine laboratories.
Effective Dose (Men): 300-500 mgs / week
Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
Active life time: 5 to 7 days
Detection time: 4 to 5 weeks
Ratio anabolic / androgenic: 500/500
Articles related to the use of any drug, compound or drug, legal or otherwise use, and aimed at improving physical performance to be understood only as sources of information, in no event intended to promote the use of these substances. The information contained in this article is not intended to persuade or encourage the use or possession of such products. These substances should be used only under the advice and supervision of a licensed physician.


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