Spartan Rutine

Get ready for the Spartan workout, a tough routine will make you stay in shape in no time with a boring exercise routine nothing compared to the typical routines that are performed in gyms. Read the whole article and see if the Spartan training is for you.
Mark Twight and Dan John was responsible for putting coaches as two years ago in record time the Staff of key players of the film The 300, feature in which the world was athletic bodies denoting strength and where precisely these actors wore an abdomen very impressive that exemplified the ideal physical and aesthetic of a Spartan warrior.
It is a fact that there was a good job in editing the digital film, that’s for sure, but the players were fit, have merit, they and the coaches that helped.
The film tells the story of a passage which was conducted by an epic battle between the people side with some Greek influence and emphasizing the warrior culture of Sparta. This battle relates how 300 Spartan warriors defended the Straits of Thermopylae (step towards ancient Greece) against the hordes of the Persian king Xerxes episode that apparently took place in 480 BC.
A little more history
Initially an army of 10,000 Greeks how say some historians, fought to the death against 250,000 Persians and barbarians under them, where in a time of battle and precisely in that pass of Thermopylae, 300 warriors led by King Leonidas , 8000 arrested Persians, being a story of bravery and courage that would serve as a source inspiration for later years will lead to victory and stop the Greeks over the Persians and Xerxes to Greece and the rest of Europe. That day the Persians won the battle, but the Spartans got the glory.
Sparta and body development
Sparta was a people prepared for war, were selected from birth, those with physical skills to be warriors and those without (although it sounds ugly and as the film shows the beginning) were discarded. Starting a physical and mental training from children to once they reach adulthood, they were to the taste of many historians, the best warriors that have existed, that being born and died, warriors who defended his people and it was an honor to fight and indeed, die in the battlefield.
Physical strength and health to fight
The degree of fitness, skill, strength, endurance and agility was what director Zack Snyder film show the world needed to make the film of The 300. With the help and influence of Mark Twight, Dan John, Pavel Tsatsouline and other coaches were literally carved those bodies on the screen to reflect the essence and image of what he looked like a Spartan warrior 2500 years ago.
Thus these coaches implemented a training method “hybrid” in which the whole body is working at each session and different exercises were performed with either body weight resistance and involving as many muscle groups, including movements as dominated funds in parallel bars, gymnastic rings work, exercises with barbells and dumbbells, plyometrics, kettlebell exercises (something like dumbbells round) and you can see on the net if you visit You Tube.
Spartan Strength Training
Since it is not very practical in Mexico get Kettlebells and have Mark Twight and Dan John as your coaches, for now we can show you a fitness routine and diet that was used to create a Spartan body.
In our section Triseries Supersets and have all the information necessary to properly run this high intensity technique.
Monday and Thursday – Shoulders and back
8 Biseries of Push Press (Military Press standing and the front bar) alternating with muscle failure Chin made with open grip.
Elevation 8 Triseries seated dumbbell lateral shoulder, sitting Remo maneral wired in V and Military Press Arnold Dumbbell type.
4 Pulldown Biseries of closed and supinated grip for Back & Grip Pulldown open and also forward to the lats.
Tuesday – Chest, arms and lumbar
6 Biseries of dumbbell incline press for chest and muscle failure Funds parallel bars.
4 Press Biseries of barbell bench and incline bench dumbbell flies declined.
4 Press Decline Biseries of bar and cup with both hands.
7 Triseries Hammer Curl, Pulldown with Curl Grip rope and using a bar inverted Z.
Wednesday and Saturday – Abs and Lower Body
7 Series hanging leg raises to failure with 5 or 10 kg of additional weight abdomen (if you can).
6 Series deep squat.
6 Series of lunges with dumbbells or bar.
6 Series Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift.
8 Biseries Scissors in soil and Crunch in V to failure to abdomen.
Tips and important notes
Remember performing sets of 8 reps for each exercise, reaching momentary muscle failure in each set and using a weight that is right for you can stay in that range of sets of 8 to 10 repetitions.
Rest Between Sets preferably 45 seconds, 90 seconds for Biseries and can rest for 2 minutes Triseries.
The diet of a Spartan warrior
Since we do not know for sure who ate the king Leonidas, friends and other bandita of the best warriors, everything seems to indicate that their diet was rich in excess of simple carbohydrates (sugars) and saturated fat.
7 egg whites cooked to Mexican or 4 scrambled egg whites with 80 g of turkey ham.
4 corn tortillas medium or 2 slices of whole wheat toast.
2 cups of green tea or 2 cups of coffee, you can add Splenda to sweeten to taste.
2 cups diced squash steamed with Panela cheese 150g.
Gelatin 2 cups light.
1 orange into segments.
1 cup of beans boiled in broth (unused oil) or 1 cup cooked lentils also fat free broth.
200 g of chicken breast fajitas or 150 g of beef with 2 cups of peppers and onions (for a rich wires).
4 cups salad made with lettuce, tomato and avocado 100 g.
2 medium corn tortillas.
1 can water-packed tuna loin.
2 cups jicama and 1 medium orange into segments.
1 yoghurt Svelty ® Control drinking.
150 g of beef cooked with 1 cup tomato sauce (tomatillo), green chile and spicy as 3 cups of boiled zucchini.
2 medium corn tortillas.
2 medium roasted nopales.
The Spartan program, try and discuss with us your progress.


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