Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplements for 2013

TOP 10  5/9/ 2013 

best bodybuilding supplements 2013



These are the best bodybuilding supplements for both beginners and pros!

Bodybuilding is a sport like no other in that it requires a level of discipline, knowledge and nutrition that not many other sports can match up to. It is an activity that requires you to learn the ins and outs of your body, the proper way to perform workouts and exercises and gain enough nutritional knowledge that would make a doctor  proud.

If you have ever ventured into the world of bodybuilding or experience a rigorous workout regime than you are well aware that nutrition plays a lot bigger role than any other aspect of the sport. An aspiring bodybuilder’s biggest mistake would be to ignore properly educating themselves on the nutritional aspect of the sport.

While nutrition is a primary factor in a successful bodybuilding career, it is sometimes hard to maintain because bodybuilding is a sport that requires a LOT OF NUTRIENTS which means a lot of food, which means a lot of MONEY! This is where bodybuilding supplements play a huge role in helping you achieve and maintain the level of nutrition needed for this hardcore sport.

Supplements for bodybuilding will provide you with extra boosts of required nutrients that will support your muscular hypertrophy and keep your overall health stable.

We have comprised a list below of the most essential bodybuilding supplements that you should consider before embarking on your journey to the next Mr. Olympia contest.

10.) Joint Support Vitamins

The tenth best bodybuilding supplement is joint support vitamins. These supplements encourage mobility in the joints to prevent straining and damage due to overuse. Joint support vitamins are also good in promoting flexibility, which will increase your abilities during your training sessions and enable you to take full advantage of your muscle movements.

This type of supplement for bodybuilders is relatively inexpensive, but very effective. There are many different types of joint support vitamins available that yield great results.

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9.) Fat Burners/Thermogenics

Ranking at number 9 are fat burners, also known as thermogenics. These type of supplements have a direct affect on the bodies ability to burn fat. Thermogenics are fat burning supplements that work within the body to help you effectively lose unnecessary body fat.

This may seem to good to be true, but fat burning supplements are not magic pills. They are only effective when combined with diet and regular exercise regimens. That is why they are effective for serious bodybuilders that are looking for a way to burn fat easily.

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8.) Green Food Supplements

Green food supplements rank number eight on our list of the ten best bodybuilding supplements. These supplements have more to do with nutritional results than results that are obvious during training sessions.  Bodybuilders that use green food supplements are searching to add something more to their nutritional diet.

These supplements occur naturally and are full of vitamins. They also contain minerals, herbs and essential acids. The benefits of consuming green food supplements are endless and not just limited to bodybuilders.

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7.) L-Glutamine

The seventh best bodybuilding supplement type include those with L-Glutamine. This type of supplement includes naturally occurring amino acids found in the bloodstream. Since bodybuilding workouts lead to drops in plasma glutamine levels, this type of supplement is necessary post workout.

Essential bodybuilding supplements replace something that the body is lacking, therefore L-Glutamine is a great addition to any regimen. This supplement should be taken no later than a half hour after your workout to ensure improved recovery and maintenance of muscle mass. While taking this substance you will not experience muscular breakdown.

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6.) Pre-Workout Supplement

Bodybuilding supplements are not limited to post workout types. The sixth best kind of bodybuilding supplements include pre-workout supplements. Some say that this genre of supplements carries the most beneficial qualities because they stimulate the body directly before your strenuous workout.

Pre-workout supplements are associated with improvements in performance, strength and endurance. These three concepts are crucial when considering what bodybuilding involves on a daily basis. These bodybuilding supplements also allow for improved energy and focus, which can vary as you enter the world of bodybuilding. These supplements have countless beneficial properties and should not be overlooked before you venture to the gym.

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5.) Mineral Support/Multivitamins

Since we have reached the top five most important supplements available for bodybuilders, the upcoming information is crucial for anyone serious about their workouts and results. The fifth most important supplements are simply known as multivitamins or mineral support supplements.

This concept might seem basic, but many bodybuilders do not get enough vitamins and minerals through their diet and they must supplement their diet through a different source. Supplements make up for what the body is lacking, therefore mineral support nourishes the body with vitamins that improve every aspect of your health and ability to workout. This allows for improved results and stamina.

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4.) Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The next most important bodybuilding supplements are those including Omega-3 fatty acids. This type of supplement ranks as the fourth most valuable supplement to your diet.  These fatty acids are considered essential to your diet for many reasons, but most importantly they are associated with normal body functions. Since we need them for our bodies to run normally if we increase stresses with bodybuilding we will need more Omega-3 fatty acids to help our bodies cope with the stresses.

This type of supplementation is associated with reduction in inflammation the joints, which is crucial for bodybuilders. They also lead to improved energy, which can be beneficial for long training session. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for everyone, but bodybuilders need more to enable their bodies to work properly.

The next top three best bodybuilding supplements must be used by any serious bodybuilder seeking results.

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3.) BCAAs

The third most important supplement is BCAAs. This type of supplement is a wonderful provider of essential amino acids, but is directly seen to have an effect on performance during training sessions. BCAAs allow for more strength to complete more reps during weightlifting, which results in new muscle mass and improved results.

BCAAs are also known to limit fatigue and enable you to increase your endurance and gain more from each and every workout. This benefit can not be overstated. If you can improve the effectiveness of your workouts, then you can have lasting effects on your body and its overall fitness.

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2.) Creatine

We have now reached the second most valuable supplement known as creatine. Creatine supplements for bodybuilders are very popular and known by people who are not knowledgeable about bodybuilding or fitness. Creatine is stored in the muscles and later converted into energy when needed. While this supplement is found in meat and fish most people do not get enough creatine from their diet alone. This makes supplementation of creatine important for athletes and bodybuilders.

During high intensity workouts more energy is used and creatine will allow for it to be available. Creatine then increases muscle mass and allows for enhanced performance. The benefits of this bodybuilding supplement can not be overstated.

If you are looking for quick recoveries, having creatine in your supplement stack is an absolute must.

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1.) Whey Protein

Finally, we have come to the number one most important supplement available. Supplements for bodybuilders must include whey proteins. This type of protein is the most beneficial available. This supplement is directly connected with strength and speed. Whey protein is also know to allow for improved recovery times, which is crucial to any serious bodybuilder that puts tremendous stress on their body daily.

Since whey is ingested quickly it starts working immediately and does not need time to be converted into energy to be useful to the body. Whey protein leads to faster muscle repair and increases in your metabolic rate. That makes whey proteins the best bodybuilding supplement available for anyone serious about the sport.


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