Depurate and down a size in seven days

If you’ve taken a month wholesome meals and you feel bloated and need to redirect your diet, follow this cleansing diet to restore balance in your body. Here we have all the details …

Every January becomes the good intentions and lamentations him. The latter is usually a perceived lack of weight gain, a certain weariness gastronomic and especially not feeling very fit.

To be honest, after the excesses everyone to some extent feel the desire to return to regular food and a healthier routine. It is not just to look after the line, but the whole body is more balanced.

To achieve this we must “purify” or “cleanse” our body, so that, for a few days, we free the main organs of elimination of their hard work. They deserved ‘vacation’ we will report great health benefits and also help us lose weight.

Why is it necessary to purify? The body has its own methods of treatment and by the liver, pancreas and kidney removes toxins and harmful substances. The problem is that at certain times of year, such as Christmas, this cleaning capacity to the limit and it is necessary to restore order in “our house.”

Any adult may feel better for a week following a cleansing diet (if desired should prolong consulting your doctor). With it you will lose weight smoothly and our battered digestive system return to normal.

The cleansing diet we propose is characterized by calorie (1200-1300 kcal), though not restricted, as it could generate metabolic stress, the worst enemy when debugged.

It must prevail fresh foods not to overload the body of dyes, additives and preservatives, and give up the goods packaged and pre-cooked frozen during that week.

Also, the diet must be digestive, so you require Steam cooking, the oven, wok, boiled or grilled, relinquishing to casseroles, fried and battered. Many benefits.

At the end of this diet you can check the weight loss and improved bowel function, circulatory and metabolic, but also we will feel lighter and full of vitality.

How to increase your effectiveness

Do gentle exercise daily. Simply walking for an hour. Reserve time each day for you.

It is important that in addition to this diet also channel’re in a positive mood. Flee in this week charged environments and, of course, avoid snuff and alcohol.

Sleep at least 7 hours to debug organs perform optimally and your body regain its balance before. Planifícate well to avoid stress because it is one of the causes of digestive disorders.

What to eat every day. With the type cleansing diet can propose you lose weight slowly while strengthening the digestive system.

However, children and teenagers, convalescent people with metabolic disease and pregnant women should refrain from further a cleansing diet

• Two 200 ml fat yogurt or soy milk
• 30-40 g of whole grain or whole wheat bread (30-50 g).
• A natural fruit juice or a piece of fruit in season.

• A baked apple, 3 nuts or whole wheat toast with jam without added sugar.
• A cleansing infusion.

• Brown rice (30-60 g) with vegetables or pasta (30-60 g) or boiled mashed vegetables.
• 100 g white fish or boiled or 100 g of seitan (available at health food stores).
• 150-200 g of Macedonia

• comprehensive Minibocadillo cheese (30-40 g).

• Vegetable soup or boiled vegetables
• fresh cheese without salt (70-100 g) or tofu (available in health food stores).
• Apple baked or stewed.

What should be considered:
• The older, overweight and sedentary, should take less food.
• Restrict intake of oil: two tablespoons a day and always raw.
• dinner soup can be made from zucchini and onions or carrots and onions


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