Lee Priest Routine


Anatomy of the Forearm
The forearm is surprisingly a complex group of small muscle groups with various functions. The brachial and brachioradial contributes to the flexion of the elbow and forearm while doing exercises like the curl of biceps. The pronator Teres helps forearm in pronation as well as elbow flexion.

Anatomía del antebrazo

The flexors (Palmaris Longus, Flexor Carpi carpi and Flexor Carpi Ulnaris) curl the palm, while the extensors (Carpi Ulnaris Extender and Carpi Carpo Extender Brevis) flex the palm outwards. A resistance program should include movements for all areas of the forearm to fully develop it.

Genetically a small person has less difficulty building muscle large forearms than a tall person. If you do not think me compare professional bodybuilders who are small and large, small ones will always have better forearms! Example: Lee Priest.

Exercises for the Forearms
Forearm exercises should be simple and simple. The repetitive series are not advisable, because they are small muscles that can not withstand too much pressure. This is why an excessive load on this muscle group is counterproductive and can cause wrist injuries.

In most forearm exercises it is not advisable to use loads so heavy that they will prevent the hand from rising above the wrist, because too much force is exerted on the joint.

Forearm exercises can be performed several times a week and always on different days than biceps, because it is not convenient to work a muscle that indirectly supports other muscle groups.

Wrist curl
The wrist curl (which works most flexors) can be made with a bar, cable or a pair of weights.
On his knees, with his forearms resting on a flat bench, one hand holds a dumbbell off the bench with his palms facing forward.
Raise the dumbbell or bar as high as possible, flexing the wrist and without detaching the forearms of the bench. When the bar goes down we can allow it to reach the end of the fingers.

Curl de Muñeca

Inverted wrist curl
The inverted wrist curl is performed similarly only with the palms facing down, working the extenders.
On his knees, his forearms resting on a flat bench. Hands hold a bar with palms down-back.
Raise the bar as high as possible, extending the wrists and without detaching the forearms of the bench.
For an intense repetition try to keep each contraction for a few seconds at the top. You do not have to use a lot of weight at all, but the burn will be worth it …

Antebrazo - Curl invertido

Inverted Curl
Lift the bar until your hands are above the level of the elbows and exhale at the same time. Do not move your legs, your back or the upper arms.
Keep in mind that this is a forearm exercise and therefore you should not do it heavily. Lower the bar until the elbows are fully extended and inhale at the same time.
The downward movement should be a little slower than the upward movement. Do not fully extend your arms if you are using a heavy bar or have elbow problems.
For the ultimate in isolated forearm training try to perform reverse curls on a preacher’s bench. This will not only prevent any movement trap, it will also ensure the isolation of the trained muscles. Again, choose a moderate weight as it can be difficult to perform with a significant amount of weight.

Curl Invertido



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