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Lee Priest’s First Mass Program!

If anybody follows the infamous Lee Priest, you’ll know he’s bada$$. The basic rules of hypertrophy, is that you lift in the rep range of 6-8 to gain muscle mass. Instinctively, Lee Priest did this at a young age, using 5 sets of the 6-8 rep range. Most successful bodybuilders train by instinct, and I also train this way. I’m 18, so obviously i’m not successful yet. The only contests I have entered are powerlifting contests. But Lee Priest was, and here’s his workout! Enjoy.



Quadriceps Leg Extentions 5x 8-10
Squats 5x 6-8
Lunges 5x 6-8
Hamstrings Leg Curls 5x 6-8
Stiff-Leg Deadlifts 5x 6-8

Back Chinups 5x 6-8
Barbell Rows 5x 6-8
DB rows 5x 6-8
Seated Cable Rows 5x 6-8
Pulldowns 5x 6-8

Shoulders Miltary presses 5x 6-8
DB side laterals 5x 6-8
DB front raises 5x 6-8
DB Bent rear laterals 5x 6-8

Biceps Barbell curls 5x 6-8
DB curls 5x 6-8
Preacher curls 5x 6-8
Cable curls 5x 6-8

Chest Bench Presses 5x 6-8
Incline DB bench 5x 6-8
DB flyes 5x 6-8
Incline Flyes 5x 6-8

Triceps Pushdowns 5x 6-8
DB overhead exts. 5x 6-8
Dips between benches 5x 6-8
French presses 5x 6-8

Notes: Clves were trained every day with one exercise done for 4 or 5 sets of 50-100 reps. Abdominals were trained occasionally with leg raises and trunk twists. 

The key to getting bigger and stronger according to Lee Priest and many other people, including myself, is KEEPING IT SIMPLE. If it’s too complex, you lose motivation to train, or your stress level is just too high. Just keep your workouts basic with the basic movements, and you’ll be fine. Machines are great for definition, but for mass, the basic movements are what you need. 


“I didn’t really have one idol, but I liked Tom Platz for his legs, Dorian Yates for his back and Eddie Robinson for his arms. A few years ago, I trained with Tom Platz for a while, and they were some of the best workouts I ever had. He’d always get mad because I’d never give up. Tom believes in doing forced reps and then negatives and then partial reps. I’d just keep going. He’d joke about having to crawl out of the gym, but I’d still be walking. We got along very well, and I always liked his honesty, as opposed to a lot of guys today who just whine or profess their Christianity and then live a life only the devil would approve of.”


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